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Origin of the Teddy Bear

Mississippian Origin of the Teddy Bear Theodore Roosevelt

                              TEDDY BEARS? TEDDY BEARS!

When it comes to soft or stuffed toys, the first thought the wanders the mind is about a cuddly and cute teddy bear which is perfect for making a combination of charm and emotions. It represents warmth and fuzziness just as the childhood and depict its true essence. Like its outlook, the story behind the manufacture or how it actually came into being is nothing less than amazement. Want to hear how your favorite stuffed toy was created with thematic background? Then here is to end your curiosity.    

          Throwback to November 14, 1902, it all started with the legendary story that portrays the hunting of bear near Onward. A guest i.e. President Theodore Roosevelt was invited for the hunting trip by the Mississippian Governor Andrew H. Longino. But unlike others, neither he located a single bear nor accepted the offer to shoot the one found and tied to the willow tree by his assistant. This news spread like the fire in jungle and soon made its way to the mass media and sparked on the headlines of the newspapers. After all it was not only about the president by about a big game hunter. It was a hot issue that the president couldn’t shoot a bear and a political cartoonist named as Clifford Berryman lampooned lightheartedly over the news. The cartoon made by the cartoonist was then popped up on November 16, 1902. 

           Taking inspiration form the cartoon, a candy shop owner named as Morris Michtom and his wife rose decided to make the stiffed toy out of this amazing idea. The stuffed toy bear created on this theme was then dedicated to the president and hence got its name for the first time ever as ‘Teddy’s Bear’. President allowed them to use his name and they produced the teddy bears on a massive level. This soon reached to the mark of a toy company labeled as Ideal Toy Company, which was renowned for the production of teddy bears.

       Acting as the most suitable and covetable gift for all without considering the age and gender, it is something that everyone loves and likes to treasure. What makes it so ravishing and desirable are its wondrous characteristics that can make you fall in no time. Counting some of them, the teddy bear is a wholesome of softness and cuddly goodie that makes it a perfect companion. You can hug, cuddle or cheer, do whatever you want to, it is something more than perfection. As a good companion, they are going to listen to you till you get tired of talking. It won’t ask you to stop or judge you for anything. You are free to speak your heart out to this cutie pie. This is the reason why teddy bears are considered to the best gifts either you want it for your mother, sibling, friends or partners. They won’t leave you out of conviction. They are going to make up for any of your pursuit.

Want to hear more about the stardom of teddy bears, then here is for you all. Even the famous names are teddy lovers and holds a cherishing bond with their teddies. Peter bull, John Betjeman, Greyson Perry, Tara Palmer and Paul Greenwood are some of the famous names who owns the teddy love and show their affection for this amazing stuffed being.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the one for you and add value to ‘me’ time.

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