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Red Leaf Bear Toys Default Title Camera Folding Drone Aerial

Camera Folding Drone Aerial

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color: white
Material: plastic shell
Control: wireless remote control + mobile phone remote control (remote control is not available with the aircraft when the phone can be used remote control)
Configuration frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote distance: 0-100 meters
Charging time: about 60 minutes
Charging method: USB charging cable
Flight time: about 6 minutes
Picture format: JPEG
Camera pixels: 720 x 576
Video format: MP4
Video resolution: 720 x 576
Aircraft rechargeable battery: 3.7V 650mAh lithium battery (included)
Remote battery: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Transmission specifications: frequency 5.8GHz
Basic functions: lifting, advance and retreat, steering, side fly, fine-tuning, high and low speed switching, 360-degree all-round 3D tumbling
Advanced features: loading FPV real-time aerial photo, cool lighting, lighting control, headless mode, a key to take off, a key return, emergency stop,detect the height by air pressure , camera, video.
Pairing mode: firstly open the aircraft power, and then turn on the remote control power, push rocker to the highest pausing for 2 seconds, then pull down, the aircraft light for long, longly take the take-off key then aircraft take off
Body size: 20 x 34 x 7cm (expand), 10 x 12 x 9.4cm (folding)

1.WiFi camera: transmit the live image to your phone.
2.High hold mode: with high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height.
3.Headless Mode: no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.
4.One key to return: makes it easily to find the way home.
5.360 degrees roll: professional cool and exquisite flight action.

Packing List:
1x aircraft
1x remote control
1x phone clip
1x USB charging cable
8x spare fan
8x screw
1x manual

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